Monday, September 14, 2009

DEBTORS REVOLUTION YouTube Video is a SMASH HIT. Is Chase Bank paying attention?

Congratulations to Rocker Chic, Approaching 100,000 hits on youtube and climbing, Debtors Revolution is officially a viral video.
Is Debtors Revolution the new battle cry? Since the case can be made that Chase Bank has been worse than Bank of America, who knows, maybe the revolt will expand?

If you know of a YouTube Video that is not on this page yet that exposes more Chase Bank Shenanigans, please contact this blog and share the youtube link.


  1. I would advise that no one uses Chase Bank. They have so much non-value added waste in their processes it is no wonder they needed government money (and they are still making a profit). The majority of their CSR's have no idea what they are talking about and I have spent hours being bounced back and forth from the same two departments (neither that I needed or requested). At any rate, I have taken my banking elsewhere and suggest everyone does the same and my lawyer is now handling their ineptitude.

  2. Chase Bank has a 3.4 billion dollar reserve fund for their legal department, but that just means they expect to be sued and perhaps even lose from time to time.


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