Friday, October 15, 2010

Props to Mario Kenny for article about youtube mom who raps about foreclosure.

Foreclosure Mom raps about some very important stuff, especially starting at 2 minutes in. I believe Barack Obama should be impeached over requiring americans to be several months behind on their mortgage payments before being able to qualify for a HAMP or EHLP because the banks then start a parallel foreclosure procedure.

In other words, Barack Obama is sanctioning fraud against the american people by requiring they fall behind on their home mortgage, which allows banks to begin a parallel foreclosure process, before any government program is made available to help that homeowner.

If you know of a YouTube Video that is not on this page and exposes more Chase Bank Shenanigans, please contact this blog and share the youtube link.


  1. Consumers should stop Banking with Chase. They are notorious at cheating Home owners with duplicate charges and paying taxes when they are not authorized. A video needs to be put of consumer compliant to get action.
    Their loan Modification staff is full of Morons.

  2. I spent over $ 20K to correct their mistakes. Jerked me around for 3 years. Used unauthorized documents as rationale for miscommunication. Federal Government should take action against them


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