Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Youtube Video Trashing Chase Bank and Jamie Dimon for a Home Foreclosure is worthy of a Pulitzer Prize.

Chase Bank takes the easy way out and forecloses on this person's home. The words are brilliant in the YouTube video, the prose amazing. This foreclosed upon youtube filmmaker and mother of college aged kids asks, "Oh my Barack Obama, where are you now?"
Perhaps Barack Obama is on the phone with his favorite Wall Street Banker, Jamie Dimon, of Chase Bank. Or perhaps Barack Obama is pounding down a couple of beers with his new male friends, Crowley and Gates.
The two females who actually did the right thing by calling the police station and cautiously explaining the situation because they were not sure what the two males were doing on the front porch, have been snubbed by Barack Obama and the white house.
Some people are slow to "change".
I'm not writing this article or creating this blog with either a democrat or republican agenda. I may be upset with Barack Obama for being a flim flam man, but I also believe the Republicans have never met a banker they did not like.
Please support your fellow citizens with your own time, as it seems the higher ups have more important things to tend to like hosting beer meetings and birthday cupcake parties than preventing massive amounts of PREVENTABLE home foreclosures.

If you know of a YouTube Video that is not on this page yet that exposes more Chase Bank Shenanigans, please contact this blog and share the youtube link.

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